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The Ultimate Guide to Bypassing Google Drive Storage Quota & Preventing File Deletion!

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THIS GUIDE WILL ONLY WORK TO BYPASS THE QUOTA STARTING November 12th, 2018 for ALL Drive users, though for some users this method will already not count against your quota (because of how Google rolls out features to accounts)

Yes, you can now upload unlimited files to drive with this method, and these files will not be hash checked by Google!

This guide does not require a school or business Gsuite account, and will not require any encryption on the files to be added (no ncrypt, rar passwords, etc.)

Because of the roundabout way the files get uploaded to Google's servers, every file you want to upload to GDrive has to go through WhatsApp too, so your files will be uploaded twice (once to WhatsApp servers, then to drive servers). If you are on a restricted data plan, keep this in mind.


  1. A regular Google account, preferably disposable if you are sharing files (read here to learn how to create one without needing a mobile #)
  2. A phone (if sharing, get a disposable number!)
  3. A PC, and optionally a smartphone (Mac and Linux work too but I will not discuss in this guide)
  4. The WhatsApp app on Android (NOT iPhone) (if using PC only, download Bluestacks Nox (recommended over bluestacks, less spyware) and install WhatsApp there)
  5. Some time

How this works (optional reading)

Recently, Google partnered with WhatsApp to allow for something new-- WhatsApp backups to Google Drive will no longer count against your quota. This means any and all files you upload to WhatsApp can sync over to your Google Drive (as a "WhatsApp backup", where you can then download them (using a program). This guide shows you how to set all this up and download the files.


Because of the way we are doing this, you do need to separate large files into 100mb increments, as 100mb is the max file upload size, but you can upload unlimited files! This means you may need 7-zip to split a file into multiple .rar or .7z parts. Also, some files (with a .zip extension, etc) you upload may get renamed with the date of upload (see here for example,) but you will still be able to find the file name based on date. If you are OK with this, let's continue!

Part One (only need to do once)

  1. Open WhatsApp and set up TWO accounts there. If you don't want to verify phone numbers, you can try these methods.
  2. Using one Whatsapp account, message the other account with a test message to make sure you can send messages successfully. NOTE: You'll only ever need to log into one account of the two.
  3. Go to settings > chats > chat backup > account and add the Google Account you want your files uploaded to.
  4. You can select "Back up to Google Drive Only When I Tap 'Back Up'" so that nothing randomly syncs, but if you would like for your files to automatically go to your Google Drive right when you upload them, select "Daily."
  5. Check "Include Videos" if you have videos to upload. I haven't tested this, but there have been reports that uploaded videos can exceed the 100mb restriction per file restriction, so someone in the comments please let me know!

Uploading Files to Google Drive

  1. On WhatsApp, go to the conversation with your other account, and tap the paperclip icon. Select "document," and "browse other docs..."
  2. Select the file(s) you want to upload, and they will start uploading to WhatsApp's servers.
  3. When they finish uploading, if you have sync off, head over to settings > chats > chat backup > back up. Wait until the backup completes!
  4. Your files are now on Google Drive! Repeat this process every time you want to add more files.

Downloading Files from Google Drive

Make sure to follow every step here very carefully, or this will not work. Because of how the files are uploaded, they will not show up in your main Google Drive. Instead, they will exist under backups > "WhatsApp [phone #] backup". This makes the files harder to download but also bypasses Google's content detection!

(Steps 1-6 only need to be done once ever)

  1. Download and extract this.
  2. Download and install Python.
  3. Right click on "settings.cfg" and open with text editor (notepad++, wordpad, etc.)
  4. type the email and password of the gmail acct you linked to your whatsapp.
  5. For cell number, copy and paste the EXACT number that appeared in "WhatsApp [phone #] backup." Save the file.
  6. Open command prompt and type install four things:
  7. "pip install pyportify"
  8. "pip install requests"
  9. "pip install configparser "
  10. Open a browser and head here, login with the Google Account you want to download the files from. You should see this.
  11. In command prompt, cd to the directory of the extracted files. (or do this to get there)
  12. Type " WhatsAppGDExtract.py -list" and you will see a bunch of things.
  13. Each file has four separate sections: f, m, r, and s. We only care about F. (also, ignore the entirety of "Databases/msgstore.db.crypt12," that is only the chat log.
  14. Notice the files you uploaded may be renamed based on the date/time uploaded. See here for example
  15. Find the file(s) you want to download based on date/time uploaded (or if filename is still intact, skip this step). If you don't remember, head back to WhatsApp and check the timestamp of the files.
  16. To download your files from GDrive, type "WhatsAppGDExtract.py -pull "Media/WhatsApp Documents/Sent/[NAME OF FILE]" or to get all the files
  17. Wait for the download to complete, and then go ahead and download other files! (Files will be located in WhatsApp/Media/WhatsApp Documents)


I get the "Unable to locate google drive file map for: com.whatsapp" Error.

-That means your phone number in the config file is incorrect. Remember, no spaces, dashes, or 0s!

My backup is gone!

-If you don't add any new files to your Drive through WhatsApp sync for one year, your backup will be auto-deleted. You have been warned. (An easy way to make sure nothing gets deleted is to send yourself a message on whatsapp saying anything, and then back up.)

And there you have it, a rather convoluted but helpful way of bypassing drive's storage limits and file hash checks!

Hope this helped, and make sure not to give your real account credentials or number to anyone!

Thanks to GitHub user "YuriCosta" for fixing the WhatsApp GD Extractor!

Let me know in the if you have any suggestions/questions.

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